Start-Up Guide for Online Christian Writers

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With all of the advice available for writers online, have you ever asked the question, “Where do I start?”

If so, this Start-Up Guide is for you.

Inside you’ll find links to: 

  • 7 Facebook Groups for Writers
  • 8 Blog Link-ups
  • 25 Places that Accept Guest Posts from Christian Writers
  • 13 Programs for Book Reviewers
  • 9 Writing Conferences
  • . . . and much more!

We’ve done the research, tested multiple products, and even included direct links to the best options to save you hours and hours of time that you would have spent trying to figure it out yourself.

Within these pages you’ll find a compilation of resources to help online Christian writers get established, find community, and grow into a sustainable, enjoyable writing life.



If you’ve ever asked the question, “What should I do to become an online writer?” here is your answer.

I’ve collected all of the advice I normally offer people into one package, complete with direct links to the resources mentioned, including more than 20 places for Christian writers to submit guest posts (and some of them pay!), 13 publishers accepting book reviewers, weekly link-ups open to new participants, and affiliate programs to earn a passive income.


In this course you’ll learn the four fundamentals for a remarkable online writer’s platform.

This is not a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial on how to accomplish each step, but rather a compilation of resources and suggestions regarding what to do in order to progress, grow, and succeed as an online Christian writer.

While certain resources offered here are primarily aimed at the Christian market, all readers will benefit from this course and will be able to apply the principles and suggestions to their own audience, depending on the niche.

By using this book, you’ll save hours of time you would otherwise spend scouring the internet, searching for places to submit guest posts, publishers that offer book review opportunities, affiliate programs through which you could earn money, Facebook groups to join to find community, and much more.

The course is comprised of five units:






Each lesson includes an assignment at the end with two options: one for beginners and one for more advanced users. Readers are encouraged to take up the challenge and stretch yourself to make the most of this course and to see the best results.

By the end of the course, you’ll know about all of the resources you need to build relationships in the online writing community and take intentional steps to grow and progress in a sustainable, enjoyable writing life.

4 reviews for Start-Up Guide for Online Christian Writers

  1. Alice William

    Start-Up Guide for Online Writers is a treasure trove for anyone getting started on their writing journey or have been around for quite some time and finding it hard to keep pace and feel that all the information out there is simply overwhelming. I wish I had access to a one-stop shop like this one when I started. Right from the basics of setting up a website and social media accounts to writing guest posts and hosting podcasts, Kate walks you through all the necessary steps to build, establish, grow and thrive in your online writing venture. Beginner or Advanced, you can definitely find takeaways at the end of every session and challenges that you can undertake to grow your blog and online presence as a writer. I enjoyed discovering my options and learned a lot from this book which I’m positive will help me grow and build my online writing.

  2. Christina Hubbard

    A comprehensive crash course in how to get started blogging and gaining traction immediately. Writing for a personal blog or online publications looks fun, but actually doing it? It can be super challengng to know how to set up a blog, develop community, manage your time, and make time for learning. Kate has included skads of resources for technical assistance, continuing education, and article submissions. I especially love the assignments and questions for both beginners and advanced writers. Any level of Christian writer will find wise advice and encouragement in this resource. I’ll keep this in my arsenal!

  3. Carolina Hinojosa-Cisneros

    I love how easy this book is to navigate. It’s not boggled down with too much technical language. From beginner to novice, Motaung’s book is easily understood and a quick and easy reference. I really enjoyed this guide. It was a great refresher for me. Although I’ve been blogging for a couple of years. this book is tailored for me too. I found a lot of the information valuable. I also downloaded Scrivener because of this guide. It is the best app I’ve downloaded in years to help keep my writing organized. I love how the assignments are tailored for beginners and advanced writers. It is a wealth of information and I can’t recommend it enough for Christian writers at all stages in their career. You won’t be disappointed.

  4. Meghan Weyerbacher

    A reference I will be going back to periodically, Kate’s to-the-point guide is shaved down to the bone. This is what you need to get going and you won’t be intimidated when your eyes meet the page. I have been blogging for a handful of years and wish I had this at my own beginning. Too many times advice is overstuffed and overwhelms an already overwhelmed writer. I am grateful for Kate. Her love of people and her gifts/talents are woven together.

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