In early October, I had the opportunity to present a session at the Breathe Christian Writers Conference with writing coach Ann Kroeker.

Our topic was on the tension of platform building for the Christian writer.

During her portion of the presentation, Ann posed the following question in reference to social media:

“What gift can you give the world today?”


So I’ll pose the same question to you, and challenge you to apply it to your writing life:

What gift can you give the world today? 


A Challenge for Us All

Give grace.

Give love.

Give compliments.

Give encouragement.

Give hope.

Give truth.

Give your best.

Give your time.

Give your gifts.

Give your money.

Give your possessions.

Give hospitality.

Give words that build up and do not tear down.

Give an opportunity.

Give a hug.

Give a smile.

Give flowers.

Give food.

Give the Word.

Give your heart.

Give generously.

Give cheerfully.

Give willingly.

Give until it hurts.

Give prayers to God.

Give light.

Give glory to God.


This post was written in five minutes as part of the 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes Challenge, and is Day 21 of the series 31 Days in the Life of a Christian Writer. See more posts in this series here

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