So, many of you know by now that I’ve been working on writing a memoir for approximately four years (!!!). Lord willing, it will release on April 1st — less than six months from now.

I laugh at myself now over all the ways I’ve labeled the various drafts of this project: “Final.” “Final Final.” “FINAL DRAFT.” “Final – Revised.” “Final – Updated.”

Yep. This manuscript and I have many memories together. (Notice I didn’t include the adjective, fond.)

I should add, though, that I have had some incredible editors along the way — and when I say incredible, I mean incredible. Their expertise and gracious support has made all the difference, and I’m so very grateful.

Having said that, revisions are no fun. Necessary? Yes. Fun? Notsomuch.

But over the past four years, God has used those months (yes, months) of revisions for my good. He’s used them to humble me and grow me.

It’s one thing to have an editor suggest improvements on your writing in general — but when it’s memoir it takes on a whole new level. It can feel, at times, as if the critique is on the validity of your own memories. It can feel like a critique on your life.

But I’ve learned the important things to remember in those moments are:

1) God is at work, refining and molding me;
2) He values and loves me for who I am, not what I produce or don’t produce;
3) It’s important and necessary during edits to remove yourself from your story, to view it as objectively as possible in order to give future readers the best experience possible.

What helps you during your revision process?



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