Welcome to this week’s edition of Five Minute Friday! Can you even believe it’s DECEMBER?!

I honestly don’t know how that happened so fast.

But here we are, counting down to another Christmas.

This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is: NEAR




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Ready to write? Let’s go.

For six out of the past eight years, I homeschooled my kids. This year they’re at a new school and I’m working full-time. And no joke: my youngest two come home from school and hang all over me. As in, sit on my lap or at least on one thigh while I’m trying to work. This may sound normal and expected if they were younger, but they’re ten and twelve years old.

Sometimes I tease them: “You think you could sit a little closer?”

But they can’t. They can’t get close enough.

The other evening I was sitting on one end of the couch with my computer in my lap. My twelve-year-old bypassed four other seating options and came to lean her head on my shoulder while she read her book.

Of course I laughed but deep down I realize I’m so very blessed. Because yes, I know very well that these days will soon be over and in no time at all we’re going to plunge into the joyous teenage years and they won’t want anything to do with me. Or maybe one or all of us won’t even make it there, since we all know we’re not promised tomorrow.

But I also look at my kids and think, “Isn’t this how it should be with our heavenly Father as well? Shouldn’t I be longing to get as close to Him as humanly possible?”

And then I remember: Even if I sit directly in His lap, I can’t get any closer than I already am as one of His own, because by His grace He is IN me and I am IN Him.



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