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Here in Michigan, the season has definitely transitioned into summer and it’s been *so* refreshing to have the windows open in our house and to be able to wear short sleeves and flip flops again. I hope you’ve enjoyed some nice weather lately, too!

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This week’s Five Minute Friday writing prompt is: BORN




Setting my timer for five minutes, and . . . 


This past week, three of my friends each gave birth to their first babies. As I listened to the details of their experiences and gazed at photos of their beautiful newborn children, I couldn’t help but think back to this week in 2007.

Thirteen years ago this week, my mom arrived in Cape Town from Michigan, less than 24 hours before I was scheduled to deliver my youngest child via C-section.

Early the next morning, a friend came over to watch our 22-month-old daughter while my husband drove my mom and me to the hospital. As soon as the hospital door opened and the attendant asked how he could help us, I announced, “I’m here to have a baby.” I was promptly offered a wheelchair, wheeled up to the maternity ward, and prepped for surgery.

By 9:05am, we had a healthy baby boy.

Today he is a teenager, and we praise God for the gift of his life, for sustaining each one of us during these past thirteen years, and most of all for the gift of faith He has given our son. His mercies are everlasting.




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