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This week’s FMF writing prompt is: CHURCH





I had surgery a couple weeks ago, and afterwards I saw the church.

We were so blessed with an abundance of food from believers near and far. Meal after meal was provided for our family; I just laid in bed and the food kept coming—not only from our immediate church family, but from others as well.

During this time when the practice of corporate worship looks much different than it did before COVID-19 came onto the scene, it’s been such a gift to see the the body of Christ “being the church” even when it might not involve a physical gathering in a physical building.

I’ve been so encouraged by the reminder that God will accomplish His purposes, and the furtherance of the kingdom will not be thwarted. He is still on the throne, and He is still coming soon.

Church may look different these days, but it doesn’t mean we can’t worship the one true King. It doesn’t mean we can’t shine His light in the darkness. It doesn’t mean we can’t serve one another in brotherly love.

Whatever your weekly corporate worship looks like these days, let’s not forget that the church is much more than a building. It’s a body.





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