Do you wish you could work from home?

Although I had been freelance writing very sporadically (as in, maybe one article a month at most), in May 2016, I started exploring more full-time work from home opportunities. I pieced one fixed project here with another one there, until I had strung together an ad hoc portfolio of contacts and potential opportunities.

By God’s grace, by October 2016, I had built up a full clientele that filled my work week.

I say this not to boast in any way, but rather to encourage you that it is possible. It was scary at first, yes. Definitely risky. But the Lord has been so gracious and faithful to provide, exceedingly and abundantly beyond all that I could ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).

I know it doesn’t happen this way for everyone, but if you’re interested in exploring more work from home opportunities, I hope the following suggestions will be helpful to you.

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work from home opportunities


Work from Home Opportunities

Based on your individual gifts and goals, check out some of these suggestions:

Places to Submit Guest Posts

If you’re just beginning to explore work from home opportunities, I would recommend starting by exploring some paid guest post options. Check out this list of more than 20 places for Christian women to submit guest posts. Not all of them are paid, but they will help you build your portfolio of published writing.


I got my first few paid freelance gigs through a site called Upwork. I call it the Craig’s List for Freelancers. You’ll find all kinds of job postings there, with a variety of work from home opportunities spanning from bookkeeping to blogging.

After a few fixed projects, I now have a job through Upwork that involves more than 20 hours of work per week.

A few words of advice if you plan to try Upwork:

1) Getting your first gig is the hardest part. Be prepared to accept a low-paying first job, just to get your foot in the door.

2) Beware of scams. They are few and far between, but they do exist.

3) Pay attention to a client’s shared Upwork history, specifically whether they have a verified payment method and any reviews past freelancers have provided.

Ultimate Work From Home Bundle (Limited time only)

This bundle of 30 eBooks, 1 audiobook, 14 eCourses, 5 printable packs, and 9 bonuses is available for six days only (June 7-12, 2017). For only $47, you can get lifetime access to more than $2,000 worth of resources specifically related to working from home.

Work from Home Bundle


Some of the Work at Home Bundle resources I’m most looking forward to using: 

  • Jeff Goin’s Work at Home Package by Jeff Goins ($13.49)
  • Services Superhero: Create a Set of Services That Clients LITERALLY Can’t Say No To by Lizzie Davey ($79.00)
  • The Business of Writing & Editing Deluxe Package: Start Your Career as a Freelance Writer/Editor TODAY by Sagan Morrow ($39.00)
  • Smart Cents: Financial and Legal Tips as You Launch and Grow Your Dream Business by Natalie Joy ($196.00)
  • E-Marketing Essentials for Virtual Assistants: How to Grow Your Business Online in Less Time and with Less Effort by Lisa Wells ($47.00)
  • Rockin’ Virtual Assistants eCourse by David Murphy and Sadie Roach ($247.00)


Work at Home Bundle


Tips for Building Your Freelance Career

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If you’re serious about pursuing a career as a work from home freelancer, here are a few tips:

Determine your gifts

Figure out where your strengths and talents lie. You might already know this, or you may need to ask trusted friends or take some strength finder tests to help you determine your skill set. Once you’ve figured it out, decide which services you plan to offer as a freelancer.

Get a website

Get a dedicated website where people can browse through your services and have the option to contact you directly. If you need help setting up a website, I recommend Fistbump Media.

Register your business

I registered my business as an LLC to keep my business and personal expenses separate from each other. There are other benefits as well, and the registration process is not difficult or expensive. The requirements vary from state to state, so check online to find the process relevant to you.

Don’t be afraid to network

Once you’ve determined your services and rates, start reaching out to people in your field to tell them what work you’re doing. Particularly in Christian circles, there is a wonderfully generous network in which freelancers refer clients to each other and vice versa.

Try FreshBooks

I heartily recommend FreshBooks as a fantastic, comprehensive time-tracking and invoicing tool. It saves me a significant amount of time each week, keeps track of which hours have been billed or unbilled, which invoices have been viewed, paid, or are overdue, and much more. I can even collaborate with subcontractors as an added bonus. If you want to check out their 30-day free trial, click the image below.

How Creatives Get Paid 11 Days Faster

Trust the Lord’s timing

Last but certainly not least, trust the Lord’s timing. He will open and close doors as He sees fit. Pray for wisdom and seek advice from others before you make any drastic changes in your work life. Start slow, and be patient in the growth process. Success won’t happen overnight, but with faithful, diligent work that honors the Lord.

If you’d like to chat further about anything I’ve mentioned above, feel free to book a one-on-one consultation! I’d be happy to talk more in depth about practical ways you can grow your freelance career.

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