Can you say free books? Here’s a list of publishers who accept applications for book reviewers.

Becoming a book reviewer is a not only a fabulous way to grow your personal library, but it’s also an amazing opportunity to be introduced to authors.

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If you’re a Christian blogger who loves to read, consider applying to one of the following programs for book reviewers.

The requirements for each program will differ, but publishers generally ask that you read the book and post a review of at least 75 words or more on at least two retail websites (such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble) within 60 days of receipt.


Book Reviewers Wanted


Here are links to Christian publishers with programs for book reviewers: 

Ambassador International

Baker Books

Bethany House





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After you’ve received and read the book of your choice, be bold and ask the author’s publicist for a video interview. I’ve been so surprised by how many authors have accepted my invitation to join me on a video interview that I later published on my website and social media profiles.

Tips for Writing Book Reviews


Join book launch teams for books you’re interested in. Be an active participant in the group by sharing quotes and graphics on social media. Tag the author so he or she knows you’re promoting and engaging with their work. Think about what kind of response and participation you would appreciate if the tables were turned and you were in the author’s shoes.


Carolina Cisneros does a great job promoting and interacting with grace and enthusiasm. Don’t miss the five benefits of writing book reviews that she lists over here.


writing book reviews




Have you been on a launch team before? Do you currently review books? What has your experience been like so far? What other tips could you share, or pitfalls to avoid?

Do you know of other Christian publishers accepting book reviewers who are not on this list?


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Share your thoughts, suggestions, and experiences in the comments below — and don’t forget to get your copy of the Start-Up Guide for Online Writers!



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