Do you struggle to know how to edit your own writing? 

If so, you’re certainly not alone. 

Writing itself is a challenging task, let alone editing your own work!

As a writer and editor myself, I know how difficult it is to catch your own mistakes and read your own work objectively. For these reasons and many more, I highly recommend investing in hiring a good editor for your writing projects.

Having said this, for shorter pieces such a blog posts or articles, developing some self-editing skills and learning how to edit your own work as a first step in the process is always valuable. 


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When I ask writers what they need help with and what resources or topics would be most beneficial to them, I often receive responses related to improving the craft.

So . . . I finally put together a checklist of self-editing techniques to help writers learn how to edit their own work.

This list isn’t meant to be exhaustive by any means, but rather a first step to strengthen your writing before passing it on to someone else to read and review.

Do you know someone else who might benefit from this free resource? 

If so, feel free to share the following link with anyone who might be interested:

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After you download your own checklist, I’d love to hear: Which tips were most helpful to you? Which do you struggle with the most? What else should I have included in the checklist? 

What techniques help you when you’re struggling with how to edit your own work? 

Share with us in the comments below so we can continue to learn and grow together!

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