Well, our first edition of The 10-Day Writing Prompt Challenge has come to an end, and it was so much fun! We had over 200 participants, and I’m so proud of everyone who gave it a shot and stretched their writing muscles.


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As a grand finale to the challenge, I’ve invited participants to share some of the writing they completed using one of the 10 writing prompts provided.

Here’s the list of prompts we used:

Day 1 :: Today
Day 2 :: Story
Day 3 :: Plan
Day 4 :: After
Day 5 :: Table
Day 6 :: Send
Day 7 :: Mystery
Day 8 :: Street
Day 9 :: Mistake
Day 10 :: Clear


These words are the first ten prompts found in The 90-Day Writing Prompt Journal, compiled and published by Five Minute Friday. Affiliate links have been used in this post.


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The 90-Day Writing Prompt Journal is an excellent way to keep your daily writing habit going!





Other writing prompt journals available from Five Minute Friday: 

The Five-Minute Writing Prompt Journal

The 31-Day Writing Prompt Journal

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To share a sample of your work from The 10-Day Writing Prompt Challenge, you have three options:

1. Join the link-up using the blue “Add Your Link” button below. (Instructions here.)

2. Leave a comment on this post with a sample of your work.

3. Visit the Five Minute Friday Instagram account and leave a sample of your work in a comment there.



Here is a five-minute freewrite I wrote on the first day of the challenge, on the prompt, TODAY. I shared the following photo on Instagram with the caption below:


cape town


When my daughter Dineo was about two years old, we lived in a second floor apartment in a block of flats in Cape Town. A sweet, older couple stayed in the apartment next to ours, and the wife frequently gave Dineo sweets and other treats.

One afternoon when I went to take down the laundry from the balcony of our flat, I saw the neighbour lady on her balcony, so we started chatting across the open space. Dineo heard me talking to the neighbour, came outside, and stood on her tiptoes so her chin was just reaching over the edge of the balcony. Instead of greeting our neighbor she called out, “What do you have for me today?”

Of course we all laughed, but the exchange made me realize the nature of this one-sided relationship. My daughter was in it for what she could get for herself. She saw the neighbor lady as the giver of good gifts, and she wanted to tap into that bag of goodies as often as possible, without giving anything back in return.

Thinking back on that incident, I realize I often treat God the same way. I wake up in the morning and before even greeting Him or thanking Him for life and breath and a new day, I simply ask, “What do yo have for me today?”

Instead, I could be asking the same question from a different posture. “What opportunities do You have for me today?” May I lift my chin over the balcony to the Giver of all good gifts and ask, “What ways do You have for me to serve You and glorify You today?”




What about you? What did you write during the challenge? 

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