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This week’s FMF writing prompt is: PERSPECTIVE





The privilege I experience and enjoy has become so much more evident to me in the past several weeks as the world has shut down to prevent further spread of Coronavirus.

I have a warm, spacious home. I have a comfortable bed.

We have hot water.

We’re allowed to go outside.

I still have a job that provides an income.

I enjoy my family, and we all get along well.

We are healthy.

We have plenty of food.

We have a working vehicle to use when I do go out to the store.

If I didn’t have these things, would I still be grateful? Would I complain more, either out loud or in my heart — or both?

Would I still thank God for His goodness, or would I expect more from Him?

I watched a video this week on social media of a woman in South Africa. I don’t know her personally, but I know people who live in houses just like hers. I’ve even bathed with the same buckets she showed in the video. (Try doing that in winter when there’s no indoor heat. It’s cold!)

But as I watched this woman give a tour of her humble home, she radiated joy and gratitude to God. She recounted His faithfulness and told of His constant provision. Then she said something to the effect of, “Even if He doesn’t provide, He is still God. And He is still good.”

Her perspective was so humbling, challenging, and inspiring.

May her infectious gratitude rub off on me.


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