As an author who has experience with both traditional publishing and self-publishing, I often get asked the question, “Which option is better? And how do you know if you should pursue a contract with a traditional publisher, or just go for it on your own and independently publish your book?”

In my recent conversation with Shawn Smucker and Maile Silva on their podcast, The Stories Between Us, I’m sharing a story I haven’t shared before, as well as some thoughts on why I pursued traditional publishing with some of my books, and why I chose to self-publish others.






In our conversation, I mention my memoir, A Place to Land: A Story of Longing and Belonging. You can learn more and purchase a signed copy here.

I also chat a bit about my latest resource, a book called Share Your Story: The Transforming Power of Telling Others What God Has Done. Learn more and grab your copy here.


share your story


What are your thoughts on self publishing versus traditional publishing? In your opinion, what are the pros and cons of each method and when might you consider one option over the other?

What factors would sway you to choose one publishing option over the other? Costs? Royalty percentages? Timeline? Creative license? Marketing? Author control?

I put together a free list of pros and cons for each option based on my personal experience, plus some printable checklists for those who are getting ready to publish a book:






I hope these resources serve you well as you seek to use the gifts you’ve been given and discern which publishing option is best for your unique situation and the book that God has called you to share with the world.

Feel free to drop a comments below if you’re willing to share your experience with others!



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