I am blessed and privileged to work from home, but I spend all day in front of my computer. I do try to move around with my laptop — sometimes sitting at the dining room table, sometimes on the couch in the living room, sometimes at my desk in my office. But I recently discovered my favorite new office setup for writers: this (affordable!) adjustable standing desk and this under desk walking pad treadmill. It’s so great!


walking pad treadmill

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My husband actually surprised me with this walking pad treadmill. He has an annual auction at work, and he won this with the “Broker Bucks” he accumulated at his real estate brokerage over the past year.


walking pad treadmill




As soon as I saw it, I checked Amazon and found this very affordable adjustable standing desk.

I will say I was a bit intimidated by the instructions when I opened the box after it arrived, so I enlisted the help of my sister. She graciously came over and had it all put together in less than 45 minutes!


adjustable standing desk




Here’s how the adjustable standing desk and under desk walking pad look in my office:

walking pad treadmill


I kept my regular desk so I could have a comfortable place to sit when I’m not standing or walking.

One thing I love about the walking pad treadmill is that it’s light enough for me to move easily. Also, the fastest speed is 3.8 miles per hour, which is a moderate jog for me. I use it in the mornings for more strenuous exercise, then I walk much more slowly when I’m trying to walk and work at the same time.

I have discovered that my “limit” seems to be about 45 minutes of walking at a time when I’m trying to work simultaneously. Then I usually take a break and sit down before walking some more.

All in all, I’m so grateful for a way to move my body while working instead of just sitting all day. If you’re looking for an alternative office setup, I can highly recommend this combo with an adjustable standing desk and an under desk walking pad treadmill!

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