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This week’s FMF writing prompt is: THROUGH




Setting my timer for five minutes, and . . . GO. 

My youngest child turned seventeen this past week. Seventeen.

That means exactly one year from now, Lord willing, he will have graduated from high school, decided on a college to attend, and turned eighteen years old.

One more year.

This August he will start his senior year of high school and start applying for colleges and scholarships.

Next August, if all goes as expected, I’ll be moving two kids into two different colleges and my husband and I will be left home alone.

You guys, I am not prepared. I mean, we spend all these years raising them to get to this point, and when it comes, many of us want to go back in time.

As my kids have grown into young adults, I’ve realized we’ve entered a season when I’m finding joy vicariously through their experiences. Instead of doing things frequently together with me facilitating many of the excursions and outings, they’re going off on their own and I get to enjoy it through photos and stories and Instagram posts.

And this is part of the point of parenting I guess, right? To watch them grow into their own people, to watch them become less reliant on others, to watch them find their place and start to piece together their purpose.





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