Last night I had the amazing privilege of hearing author Leslie Leyland Fields give a keynote speech at the Breathe Christian Writers Conference.

It was fantastic — so inspiring and motivational.

One thing I took away from her talk is that not only are our stories important and needed in this world, but we should also hold them with great care.

“A beauty-hungry world needs our best stories written patiently and artfully.”

She encouraged the audience to slow down. “Write and re-write. Study. Pray. Revise.”

“Our stories can offer healing and hope in a fractious, violent world. In this darkened world, our stories offer light and hope.”

Take your time. Don’t be in a rush to get your story out there as quickly as possible. Let it marinate. Let it simmer. Allow the Holy Spirit to continue His work in your heart as you process.

Writing is a sanctifying process. It takes time. It takes work — a lot of work. But the world needs our stories.

Hold yours with open hands as a humble offering to those in need.



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