“In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” ~ Proverbs 16:9

And so it often goes in the Christian writing life. We may have grand plans and desires for which way we’d like to walk as writers, but God is the One who determines where and when we will go.

In mid-2011, I started my first blog. I only told three people about it — my husband, my sister, and a friend. At the time, it was a coping mechanism. My mom was in the final stages of cancer, and I needed an outlet.

I had no intentions of writing for the public. Ever.

Now, I have a book releasing in less than six months. My story is about to be made known, and it is oddly unnerving. That wasn’t my plan.

On the other hand, I signed the contract in 2015 and fully expected the book would launch at least by early 2017. Those days came and went. No book yet. Apparently that wasn’t God’s plan.




I watch other writer friends pining over a contract, and I want to tell them, “It’s not all it seems to be.” Our main measurement as writers is certainly not whether we’re published or not — it’s whether we’ve been faithful to the call to write.

[Tweet “”Obey God’s lead. Say ‘yes’ when He nudges. Say ‘okay’ when He doesn’t. Rest and trust.” ~@k8motaung”]

Obey God’s lead. Follow His direction. Say “yes” when He nudges. Say “okay” when He doesn’t. Rest and trust.

He’s been leading His people since the beginning of time; He won’t stop now. He’ll lead you, too. 


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