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Over the past six days, we’ve been considering important reasons why we should share our story and the motivations behind our efforts. Now we’ve finally come to the question (or answer) you’ve probably been waiting for — that is, how can you tell your story? 

I want to begin by saying that sharing your story does not mean you have to write and publish a full-length book. 

I repeat, you do not have to be a published author in order for God to use your story to influence others for His glory. 

There are countless ways you can tell your story, and we’ll be covering four of those ways in the next four days of this series. 

For some, it will involve a verbal telling. Others will prefer writing, whether short form or long form. Some of you may opt to use social media to share snippets of your testimony. 

For now, I encourage you to consider the possibilities. 

Where or how do you feel most comfortable connecting with others? Do you enjoy connecting one-on-one as part of an in-person conversation? Do you prefer the “safety” of a screen between you and your readers? Do you find speaking in front of groups to be life-giving? What about writing letters by hand? 

Weigh up your personal preferences and the pros and cons of each. 

This isn’t to say that we always get our first choice, but it does help if we try to be openminded about the possibilities and ask the Lord to keep our eyes and ears tuned for opportunities to share in whatever ways He has planned to use us and our gifts. 


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