Welcome to 31 Days to Telling Your Story — a series of blog posts written in five minutes flat to encourage and equip you to tell your story.

This series is in conjunction with the 2018 edition of 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes.


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In this series, we’ll be covering topics including:

  • Why you should share your story
  • How to combat the inevitable fears that accompany sharing your story
  • When you should share your story
  • Various ways in which you can share your story
  • Tips and practical steps to get you started sharing your story



As an added bonus, I’m offering 5 free writing prompts
to help you as you get ready to tell your story for His glory.

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your story


Ready to dive in?

Click each link in the Table of Contents below
to read each post after it goes live.

I hope this series will be a blessing to you!


your story



Why You Should Tell Your Story {Day 1 :: Story}

Overcoming Fear in the Writing Life {Day 2 :: Afraid}

I Know Whom I Have Believed {Day 3 :: Believe}

Why the World Needs Your Story {Day 4 :: Why}

FMF Link-up :: Share {Day 5} 

We Belong to a Body {Day 6 :: Belong}

On Using Your Story to Instill Hope {Day 7 :: Hope}

The God of All Comfort {Day 8 :: Comfort}

The Power of Inspirational Words {Day 9 :: Inspire}

Simple Ways to Tell Your Story {Day 10 :: How}

A Prayer for Open Door Opportunities {Day 11 :: Door}

FMF Link-up :: Praise {Day 12}

Telling Others Your Story {Day 13 :: Talk}

Just Ask {Day 14 :: Ask}

When Should I Tell My Story? {Day 15 :: When}

A Prayer for Wisdom {Day 16 :: Pray}

Press Pause Before Publish {Day 17 :: Pause}

Search Our Hearts, Lord {Day 18 :: Search}

FMF Link-up :: Who {Day 19}

How Well Do You Know Your Target Audience? {Day 20 :: Audience}

Where Should You Start? {Day 21 :: Start}

How Writing Your Story Can Help Others {Day 22: Help}

What are the Common Threads of Your Story? {Day 23 :: Common}

What’s Your Elevator Pitch? {Day 24 :: Brief}

Capture Your Story Ideas {Day 25 :: Capture}

FMF Link-up :: Moment {Day 26}

How Would You Summarize Your Whole Story? {Day 27 :: Whole}

Sing Your Song {Day 28 :: Song}

Pulling It All Together {Day 29 :: Together}

On Finding Your Writing Voice {Day 30 :: Voice}

{Day 31 :: Close}


Don’t forget to get your free writing prompts below
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