Welcome to the Thanksgiving weekend edition of Five Minute Friday!

Each week we freewrite for five minutes flat on a one-word prompt.

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This week’s Five Minute Friday writing prompt is: NOURISH




Lord, thank You for the abundance of nourishment you have provided for me and my family — physically, relationally, and spiritually.

Thank You for feeding our bodies and sustaining us with more than we need. I pray for those who are hungry and lacking food. May You provide for them as well, Lord.

Thank You for nourishing our hearts with sweet fellowship and community with loved ones in the Lord. Thank You for the blessing of friendship and sisters and brothers in Christ. I pray for the lonely, Lord. Please help them to sense Your presence with them at all times.

Thank You for feeding me spiritually with your Word — through personal quiet times, family devotions, church services, Bible studies, discipleship opportunities, and conversations with friends. Thank You for feeding me with so much more than physical bread that grows stale and is here today and gone tomorrow. Thank You for giving me the Bread of Life in Your Son, Jesus Christ, the only One who can feed my soul and sustain me until the last day.

I pray for those who do not yet know You. Please reveal Yourself to them, Lord, and help them to find their hope, strength, and ultimate nourishment from You, the One true God.

In Jesus’ name,




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