I’m not exactly sure what I had in mind when I chose the word “because” to be prompt number 25 in the series, 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes . . . but here we are, so I’m going to use the next five minutes to tell you why I think you, as a Christian writer, should write. 


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Write because there’s a fire that burns in your soul.

Write because the world needs your story.

Write because you can’t not write.

Write because the words build up within you and need an escape.

Write because you can use words to encourage and build up.

Write because He who called you is faithful, and He will do it.

Write because He who calls also equips.

Write because it brings Him glory.

Write because it’s an act of obedience to your Maker.

Write because you have a story to tell.

Write because He tells us to make His name known among all nations and generations.

Write because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.

Write because someone out there might be changed by what you have to share.

Write because your bones ache when your pen stays silent.

Write because the act of creating reflects the image of God in you.

Write because your words will live on long after you do.

Write because future generations need to know.

Write because you wake up in the night and can’t sleep until you’ve captured that sentence and it’s tucked away, safe and sound.

Write because it’s free therapy.

Write because it’s a release.

Write because it’s sanctifying.

Write because it’s cathartic.

Write because it stretches and grows and shapes and refines you.

Write because your voice matters.

Write because you can.


This post is Day 25 in the series, 31 Days in the Life of a Christian Writer. Find other posts in this series here


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