31 Days of Writing Tips


Welcome to 31 Days of Writing Tips! 

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This series is written in conjunction with the annual writing challenge,
31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes.

writing challenge


This is my sixth year participating in the annual 31 Day Writing Challenge that happens every October.

Each post in this series has been written in five minutes flat based on a single word prompt.

I hope the writing tips you find here will be a great blessing to you in your writing life!


Click each post title below to read the full post.


Know Your Why {Day 1 :: Why}

Use Your Gifts {Day 2 :: Gift}

What Problem Can You Solve? {Day 3 :: Problem}

FMF Writing Prompt Link-up {Day 4 :: Listen}

On Reading Widely {Day 5 :: Other}

The Practice of Noticing {Day 6 :: Notice}

Linking Arms {Day 7 :: Same}

The Importance of Gathering {Day 8 :: Gather}

Join a Writing Community {Day 9 :: Join}

Write Scared {Day 10 :: Scared}

FMF Writing Prompt Link-up {Day 11 :: Deep}

Go There First and Lead the Way {Day 12 :: First}

What if You Only Reach One? {Day 13 :: Reach}

The Benefits of Reading Your Work Aloud {Day 14 :: Voice}

Open with a Hook {Day 15 :: Open}

Avoid Unnecessary Repetition {Day 16 :: Avoid}

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Day 31


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