We don’t show our kids their report cards.

We tell them all that matters is that they’ve done their best to the glory of God.

It’s a small attempt at abating the world’s pressure to perform for the sake of accolades and recognition. If we’re satisfied and persuaded in our own hearts that we’ve done our best for the Lord, that’s really all that matters — no matter what others say or don’t say.

So if I’m trying to instill this principle in my kids’ minds and hearts, why is it so hard for me to remember myself?

Why do I still check my blog stats and Facebook likes and wonder what people think of me?

It’s so easy to get sucked into the comparison trap.

We see what others have accomplished, what they’ve been invited to do, what they’ve earned as a result of their work and efforts. We think we’re not enough.

But the truth is: It’s really between you and God. It’s a heart issue. It’s up to Him to determine the results — our job is to be faithful.

[Tweet “Do your best to the glory of God, and leave the outcome to Him.”]

Yes, we’re called to use the gifts we’ve been given. Our role is to be faithful in using those gifts to the best of our ability, and let God determine the outcome.

But if we don’t even try, how can He use us? If we give up altogether, what can He do then?




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